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 [Banned] krematorium Ban Request - Racist | Verbal Assault

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PostSubject: [Banned] krematorium Ban Request - Racist | Verbal Assault   Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:45 pm

1. krematorium - - Source:

2. Although there's no in-game rules broken, since there aren't any social rules, but I would like to have this person at least penalized, or if not at least noted down for future offenses, He became extremely hostile after I unholied him, and resorted to verbally assaulted me which is typical for any online game, I tolerated the fact that he got mad at my unholy, sure noobs whine now and then, but after his welcoming visit, I was disrespected, even though i'm not a jew, nor a nigger I don't think such language should be allowed to any player.

3. Don't think a replay is neccesary, since most of the things he said during the game were more of my lack of skills (he said) than actual assault, so the imgur link should be plenty, If you wish, i'll upload the replay and you can check yourself, but there's nothing worth checking inside, since the main offense is the Image linked. (look below for reference)

4. - After the game finished he gave me a welcoming visit in the new lobby

Al though there's no in-game rules for verbal abuse, vbl should reconsider implementing that, even though I initially didn't want to report this guy since everybody rages now and than, but than to visit the next lobby to increase his level of verbal abuse I felt like I should report him.

Rules are implemented to keep a community in check, such as the in-game rules currently present, this is why there should be rules against verbal abuse which is pretty obvious, since there's always a line that you can cross and this is definetly crossing a line into discrimination and racial slurs, such violence is not accepted in the real world nor should it be in the virtual world, including vbl.

Thanks for your time,

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Map Developer
Map Developer
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PostSubject: Re: [Banned] krematorium Ban Request - Racist | Verbal Assault   Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:39 pm

There are rules like you described and as of right now they just fall under 11. No grieving. Grief of another player includes but is not limited to: Using a lich to pass items to humans, a mini passing information to humans about vampire strategies, blocking a wall with a large number of workers, & excessive language.. 

I'll look at this as soon as I can.

 EDIT: Banned for 2 days for excessive language/grieving
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[Banned] krematorium Ban Request - Racist | Verbal Assault
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