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 [Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request

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Peon Name : pore
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PostSubject: [Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request   Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:22 am

1. IMakeURQ (OJ) and IQQnRQ (Brown Nosf) (USEast, both)

2. Griefing/intentional feeding/passing along information to each other

3. (this stats/game dl thing is super useful)

4. At 6:10, nosf doesn't silent grave and graves in plain view. OJ doesn't det and just randomly builds houses outside of his base.

9:10 graves literally right in view of his houses and feeds him workers. Brown also does not kill OJ's human after breaking his base.

OJ tries to shrug his intentional feed by pretending he was AFK.

13:14 obvious grave, again and OJ does not even attempt to det. Continues to make workers into the grave as well.

14:04 brown silent graves, but OJ continues to build workers into it. Also brown does not siege OJ which is strange considering he knows where OJ is and OJ has 0 walls protecting his base.

16:10 same thing happens. OJ is clearly present in the game, but pretends to be AFK again to shrug off his intentional feed.

21:30 he makes workers into the massive grave that JUST killed his super workers

32:43 OJ builds 2 blood boxes at the edge of his base

34:00 builds two more and brown preemptively buys an inferno on his lich so he can take the feed with his nosf

34:30 brown after taking all of his feed decides to randomly siege orange, who has 0 upgraded walls past mega, if even. Brown feeds on OJ's entire base. Brown doesn't kill OJ, again.

38:13 OJ again pretends to be AFK and is now accusing other players of maphacking

Rest of the game after that is just OJ and Brown accusing other players of maphack, claiming that they ran through a "detector" and that they "fogclicked."

Brown's messages toward the end of the game shows that he clearly has a vendetta against VBL. (accused d00k, triton, and dubg of maphacking and said that no one would give a shit if I maphacked because even their own players aren't banned for maphacking, to paraphrase)

All of this proof, similar names, and their efforts to not hide their intentional feeding (brown even later admitting that he doesn't "give a shit" if he gets banned) show that these two are clearly under alternate accounts and ruining the game. They were probably planning to laugh about it after their alts were banned and they would continue to game on VBL/ruin more games under more alternate accounts.

Review the entire replay if you wish to check for their silly maphack accusations. Most of the rules they broke were pointed out in my post.
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Shaman Name : Northern.Lite(VBU)/Demoness(VBL)
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PostSubject: Re: [Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request   Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:57 am

Both of these parties are banned for one month for deliberately working together to try and spoil the game for the other players.  It is clear from the replay that orange was deliberately feeding into brown's graves.  In addition, a check of the nosferatu data has revealed that it was the original AzureDivinity (who usually plays on Frozenhelfire@uswest) and whose charges of maphacking against another player on the beta testing bot were proven to be unfounded and denied earlier in the evening.
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Kerry Jones
Chieftan Name : KerryJones
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PostSubject: Re: [Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request   Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:08 pm

IQQnRQ (AzureDivinity) just for clarification and unknown individual.
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PostSubject: Re: [Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request   

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[Approved] IMakeURQ and IQQnRQ ban request
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