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 [Ban Reduced] hihihikill UnBan Request

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Peon Name : hihihikill
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Join date : 2013-08-10

PostSubject: [Ban Reduced] hihihikill UnBan Request   Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:05 pm

1. Warcraft 3 Name and Realm - hihihikill, east canada

2. Reason you are banned (If Known) - I was warned 2 for tryingto destroy a wall that trapped a vamp in a base.  

3. Why you think you should not be banned - Though i was apparently warned twice, the only warning i saw was 1 second before i was banned, their were 2 players that were being obnoxious and having their own fun, while all the other players were sitting in the base, bored, and asking nicely for the players to destroy their wall and let the vamp out.  I asked, and asked and asked...  They wouldn't stop..  The other vamp had played 3 games and had no idea what he was doing and didn't allow the vamp who was stuck to tele to him, i took my slayer and tried to destroy the wall, but never did..  I know now i shouldn't have done this, tho i still didn't like the fact they had their fun, while the rest of us (including the vamp were bored..)  I have never been banned before and hope to never be again!

- conor or hihihkill.
P.S i made the name 4 years ago...

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Shaman Name : Northern.Lite(VBU)/Demoness(VBL)
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Location : Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: Re: [Ban Reduced] hihihikill UnBan Request   Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:32 pm

I was in that game and both of the admins gave you repeated warnings to stop attacking the wall in the base.  In fact I even took out your slayer to stop you from doing that and you ignored all of the warnings.  Both of the admins issued the ban command on you.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules and live within them.

That said, since this appears to be a first offence, I will reduce the ban from seven days to two.  See in the games when it is done.  Hopefully we will not have another occurrence.  Wink
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[Ban Reduced] hihihikill UnBan Request
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