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 [Banned] lokez Ban Request

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Peon Name : s_h_i_t_happens
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PostSubject: [Banned] lokez Ban Request   Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:36 pm

1. lokes - uswest?

2.Rule 11, grieving at end game, blocking beast wall and chaos beast with tons of workers, even after I told him about the rule.


4. Beginning at 44:00 at lokez's base, thru the end of the game.
At ~46:20 I (s_h_i_t_) told him he couldnt block with workers.
At ~48:00 lokez masses workers in his base
At ~49:10 Nos attacks and lokez blinks workers out to block wall
At ~49:30 I tell lokez again that he can't block with workers
At 49:40-55 I tell him its against the rules and he says Nah, no rules like that
At 50:20-30 He blinks more workers out to block me in while I am attacking, doesnt build walls, just surrounds Nos with workers
At 52:20 blinks workers out to block Nos from wall
At 53:30 blinks workers out to surround Nos
At 54:10 lokez says never heard of rule and says to not make shit up
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Shaman Name : Northern.Lite(VBU)/Demoness(VBL)
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PostSubject: Re: [Banned] lokez Ban Request   Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:50 am

Lokez the blocking of your wall with massed workers is definitely against the rules on the bot.  The reasoning is simple:  because the workers do not actively attack the nosf, he has to trigger an attack for each individual worker (something that is basically impossible for him to do effectively with all the late game animations from towers and walls).  The rule that you broke repeatedly is:

"11. No grieving. Grief of another player includes but is not limited to: Using a lich to pass items to humans, a mini passing information to humans about vampire strategies, blocking a wall with a large number of workers, & excessive language."

It was your responsibility to know the rules;  2 day ban imposed.

NOTE: You can review the rules here:
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[Banned] lokez Ban Request
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