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 Diary of a pub.

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Ritalin Name : Ritalin- May know me as DaFlyinHamster
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PostSubject: Diary of a pub.   Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:45 am

Diary of a noob

Dear diary, i have found a new custom game, vampirism fire beast. When the game started it was apparent that the map was different than fire. It must be trash.  I ditched the middle in hopes of finding a home base. Maybe this corridor will suffice. 

Dear diary, the authorities seem to be refering to the vampire as a nosf, strangely. This nosf character has made his way into my base, but during the mayhem i managed to blink out, escaping the horrors of hell itself. The authorities have resorted to some sort of votekick, it became apparent that i didnt make enough feeding blocks. 

Dear diary, i have requested a stay in a fellow builder's base. It was denied. The authorities have used some sort of black magic to make my buildings dissapear from the other builder's base. I will reside in a temporary base in the far left corner of the map.. 

Dear diary
My lumber workers continue to mysteriously dissapear. I must need more walls.

Dear diary, 
I have attempted to draw attention to my prediciment to the authorities, it is clear that their english is not the best, and they insist that i am a fatass. Perhaps a metaphor? More walls are needed.

Dear diary, the vampires are presumed missing in action, i will send my human in hopes to find them. I have yet to recieve gratitude from the authorities..

Dear diary, a mysterious french man walked into an allies base. the humans were alarmed despite the frenchman only having 2 damage. There is no logic in this map.

Dear diary, i have succesfully surrounded my base in several layers of walls. The other humans seek comfort in only one wall, perhaps in hopes to save gold? Bless their jewish souls. In attempt to rescue their bases from impending death, i proceed to create more walls for them, taking note their lackadaisacal attitude towards winning. 

Dear diary, in response to my efforts to keep the authorities safe,  they destroy my buildings out of what seems to be sheer spite. I conclude that they are madmen.

Dear diary, the vampires have found my base, i am confident in my walls, after all they are supposedly one of the best walls in the game.

Dear diary, it is now apparent that my walls are not invincible at all, despite the name. The vampire is now in my base. It seems the logical thing to do is upgrade all of my long range towers into ultimate towers before he can destroy them.

Dear diary, i have been turned into a vampire. Directly after that, the vampire proceeds to team kill me. Like Sysiphus, i am bound to hell.

(inspired by zefrank)

"C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui" Its by doing whatever we want that we become anything that we want. -Remi Gaillard
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opaca Name : opaca
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of a pub.   Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:29 am

this is too good

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Berserker Name : czydude@azeroth
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of a pub.   Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:45 am

Is this island def?
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Map Developer
Map Developer
Triton144 Name : Triton144
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of a pub.   Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:30 pm

opaca wrote:
this is too good
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Peon Name : whitelight121
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of a pub.   Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:36 pm

WOW this caused the best laugh i have had all year i laughed at it harder then sirs spell death video
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of a pub.   

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Diary of a pub.
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