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 The_Fish Appeal Request

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Peon Name : The_Fish
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PostSubject: The_Fish Appeal Request   Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:57 pm

1. The_Fish, Northrend (Europe)

2. Nosf leaver (game #138)

3. My partner was xxspartanxx, he did not leave immediately as he has done when I had him as a partner before, but he was afk. Honestly, I didn't notice for some time. A human had died (suicide?), which I confused for him actually playing. After the mini died (to slayers) and I noticed he was afk in the center I "gg"'d and quit. I'm sorry to the humans who got screwed out of a game, but really, it was over at that point.
edit: I didn't play it out because I knew some of the humans were very good. May as well head on to the next game instead of wasting everyone's time drawing it out with no real chance.
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Map Developer
Map Developer
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PostSubject: Re: The_Fish Appeal Request   Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:08 am

First offense Ban reduced to 1 day. In the future just understand as a nosf you are accepting the fact that your teammate may be bad/afk and must be willing to play it out either way. And in cases like this where it may seem hopless you can always ask ALL the humans if they care if you suicide and all go next game. A lot of times they see it the same way you do and can save you some time.

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The_Fish Appeal Request
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