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 [Rejected] The_Deku_Nutt @ Co

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Grunt Name : The_Deku_Nutt
Posts : 246
Join date : 2013-07-20

PostSubject: [Rejected] The_Deku_Nutt @ Co   Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:42 am

1. The_Deku_Nutt and various permutations thereof on all realms, including some PVPGN private servers.

2. Reasons for being banned:

   Winning, losing, talking shit, disparaging other players, disparaging admins, impersonating an admin, toming a tower, tomeing a tower with intent to kill other humans slayers with it, killing other slayers, killing humans *as vampire, killing humans *as human, buying blasting gem with intent to use it, buying boots with intent to chase, buying concotion, maphacking with intent to trade, maphacking with intent to see my enemies, failure to report known maphackers, failure to participate in boot-licking, participating in wrongful boot-licking, calling someone trash, taking inhouse minis, killing inhouse humans so they can become minis, hurting someone's feelings on the internet, ban evading with extreme prejudice, winning while ban evading, buying vests, playing on names that should be banned but aren't, knowing more than everyone but frozen, getting roar on a level 20 vampire, getting level 20 2 minutes after spawn, using knights with my human, basing bottom right, basing top right, basing middle, banned for basing in kerrys base, banned for basing nowhere and just running around, charming a lich to give it knights to save me, charming a lich to buy a tremble, charming a lich and leaving the game, charming a lich and staying in the game but not lettting it get away, getting credit card as a slayer, getting pillaging as a slayer, buying the holy slayer so nobody else could EVER (thats why it's out of stock fyi), buying lich mart items, dispelling the circle from middle, using kamehahahahahahahahmememememememhahahahahaha on the vampires, using replicator as a vampire, using the Roar Scroll to heal illegitimate buildings, crashing ventrilo for an entire weekend, crashing bots, stealing cd keys, selling cd keys to russians, playing human, playing vampire, killing trees, TARGETING, getting command center before Dawn, not being a little economy bitch, calling 1.5 imbalanced (and frozen agrees but who cares about him right?), making fun of VBL cause trash, calling Kerry fat, logging into ventrilo, building more than the arbitrary number of tents, getting odd numbers of ubers, blinking outside the map, force returning workers, buying banish flute, banned for when somebody else did something but they thought it was me, making a really long ban appeal, and intent to ban evade (see below)

3. Why you think you should not be banned

   Because I'm going to play anyways, and if I'm permabanned then I have nothing to lose by ignoring the rules and doing what I want anyways. The difference is I'll probably get bored faster than if I think I'm causing someone grief. There have been plenty of games I've been in lately where I didn't do anything to anyone other than the normal degree of gay shit that everyone gets away with and nobody even knew it was me. Wink Wink dawn.

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Kerry Jones
Chieftan Name : KerryJones
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Age : 33

PostSubject: Re: [Rejected] The_Deku_Nutt @ Co   Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:50 pm

I have given you countless chances in the past even when others told me no and made me look like a fool in the past. I'm sorry, but there isn't anymore chances and coming at us and threatening us about how you're going to ban evade and so forth isn't going to work either to get you unbanned.

I'm going to give you a stern warning that there are consequences to your actions and if you think that your proxies will allow you to evade, well you're throwing money down that you're probably making minimum wage at a part-time job. The next set of upgrades after this next process is to advance the system into proxy seeking and integrating it further into a database to cause those who play on proxies to be identified and banned.

Appeal Denied
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[Rejected] The_Deku_Nutt @ Co
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