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 Ban appeal:buddyme

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Peon Name : buddyme
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Join date : 2013-09-28

PostSubject: Ban appeal:buddyme   Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:12 pm

1. Warcraft 3 Name and Realm buddyme

2. Reason you are banned (If Known) nosf leaver

3. Why you think you should not be banned
When i first play with Triton144, i leave as a vamp and i had to pp because my foster mom told me to stop playing and that i have to go to a meeting today. Another time when i play with Tonystark, i realize that my cable isn't good enough at night and i sincerely apologize for leaving(but not on purpose because it disconnect itself at night)
Sometime you don't have to get high ping to disconnect because some cable disconnect automatically even if you have low ping, you can't just ban random people or judging what you believe and i know i leave severe time, so i believe i do deserve one. i am sorry...

PS; not using proxy and never will(i'm at a cafe now)
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Map Developer
Map Developer
avatar Name : Triton144
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PostSubject: Re: Ban appeal:buddyme   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:13 am

As far as I can tell you aren't banned on the bot. Closed

And Sir. don't comment on ban request with unrelated posts.
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Ban appeal:buddyme
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