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 Appeal for Outofnames/TheFinalStand [Denied]

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Peon Name : OutOfNames / TheFinalStand
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PostSubject: Appeal for Outofnames/TheFinalStand [Denied]   Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:08 pm

Not really an appeal, more of an idea of how long I'd be banned (though I'd love to be appealed... Trying to get back into the game).

So, what had happened yesterday is that my friend used double tremble (golden and regular) to suicide. Nothing happened, and from what I knew it had always been legal.

This game, Baby said "theres no chance of us winning anyways" after I died because I was talking with a bud on Skype.

I decided that, "Well if there's no chance of winning let' suicide!" I banked a bit, and got my Lich items to do some damage. Then I killed my mini's and followed Baby. He was attacking and I trembled him until he died.

I am sure that this is ban, and I'd probably not get appealed... Just hoping it's not permanent.

If you can get back to me on this, that'd be great.

(Also the person whom banned me is wildcardgirl).
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Shaman Name : Northern.Lite(VBU)/Demoness(VBL)
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PostSubject: Re: Appeal for Outofnames/TheFinalStand [Denied]   Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:50 pm

You were indeed banned for team killing babydietcoke with a tremble after you died. He is the one in the game that requested the ban. The ban is for a one week period.

Prior to playing again on the ClanVBL hosting bot, I suggest that you review the rules at: in this forums so as not to run into trouble again.
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Appeal for Outofnames/TheFinalStand [Denied]
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