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 Clan VBL Rules

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PostSubject: Clan VBL Rules   Clan VBL Rules I_icon_minitimeThu May 30, 2013 11:08 pm

Clan VBL Game Play Rules:

1. No team killing.   Exceptions would & may include destroying abandoned wood bases & denying feed with your slayer after a base has been broken into.

2. No deliberately feeding vampires.  This may be done only in the case where ALL humans agree to feeding and the amount.   Any vampire that takes feed he knows is unapproved is not permitted.

3. No oust abuse.  Ousting to deny feed to a broken base or to grieve another player is not permitted.

5. Glitching of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. If you are human, you may not intentionally suicide to a vampire. If you are a vampire, you may not be afk for an extended period of time nor simply leave the game.

9. Use of a hack of any kind in the game by any player is forbidden.

10. Impersonation of an admin will not be tolerated.

11. No grieving. Grief of another player includes but is not limited to: Using a lich to pass items to humans, a mini passing information to humans about vampire strategies, blocking a wall with a large number of workers, & excessive language.

12. Each player may only build one disaster per base. Currently there is a bug with them stacking so refrain from building more than one until it is fixed.

In addition to these guidelines, admins have the right to make determinations during game play and otherwise in accordance to the spirit of the rules. Admins in game may also intervene to terminate any activity that could ruin the gaming experience for the other players.
These rules may be modified from time to time. It is the responsibility of the players and admins to review them regularly.

Updated: April 15/14  

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Clan VBL Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clan VBL Rules   Clan VBL Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 5:21 pm

Just a bit more on mini's passing vampires strategies to the humans, should you recieve whispers from a fallen human that has become a mini revealing their intentions or their next move, screenshots speak a thousand words as whispers and i believe private player chat are not captured in replays.
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Clan VBL Rules
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